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Kelso Mountain Biking 12km

Friday July 2, 2010 – Scott and Drew venture out to Kelso Conservation Area to try out the bikes on some rough terrain.

Kelso Cliffs

Kelso Cliffs

We didn’t go down the cliffs. Instead we followed the trails which looped around on top of the cliffs.

I did take a pretty nasty fall while cruising through a field at about 20km/hr. I went to turn abruptly out of a rut I was traveling through and my front wheel snagged the side of the rut. Instantly the front wheel spun around on itself which flipped the bike and sent me sliding on my left shoulder for about 40 feet through the grass. It was lucky I had on the helmet because I could feel my head bouncing across a few rocks while I was sliding. It took a few minutes to shake it off but the bike and I were OK and we continued the ride. I suffered a sore shoulder for a few days but back to normal by the next weeks ride.

Kelso Mountain Biking

Kelso Mountain Biking

Data from Mountain Biking at Kelso

Data from Mountain Biking at Kelso

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