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Winter Tires

We’ve got a few months of fair weather riding left but winter is inevitable. I’m doing some shopping for the winter tires.

This is a pretty good web site I found with info on tire options.

I’m kind of liking the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tires.

Marathon Winter Tires

Marathon Winter Tires


Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tires

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tire

I tried some riding during the 2009-2010 winter with regular hybrid tires. It was a pretty tough go. The tires loaded with snow quickly and the tread wasn’t releasing the snow. It didn’t take long and I was riding on two ice doughnuts. I think I’ll try some snow riding this season with proper tires and see how it goes.

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One thought on “Winter Tires

  1. mnfmike on said:

    I think I’m interested in the snows. Are the studs replaceable? Will they be easy to install on my CostcoSpecial bike?

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