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Bike Chandos Lake 14k

Saturday August 28, 2010 – A short bike ride with Scott, Drew and Mike Walker.

A little ride ending up at Sandy Beach. A combination of dirt road and Route 620 with rolling hills. The destination was to check out Sandy Beach. It was late afternoon and not too much was going on at the beach. In fact it was nearly secluded.

Sandy Beach, Chandos Lake

Sandy Beach, Chandos Lake

Mike took the picture so he’s not in it. We’ve got to start using the self timer more.

Drew and Scott

Drew and Scott

Notice the water bottle missing. Nobody remembered water and it was hot. Note to self: Always bring water.

On our way back we decide to stop for a spiritual moment at the Maplewood Wayside Chapel. This was about half way back along Route 620.

Maplewood Wayside Chapel

Scott and Mike W. at the Chapel

Yes it is as small as t looks. I think it can seat 9 people.

Chapel Info

Chapel Info

That’s exactly what we did … stop, rest and worship.

Chandos Lake 14 km

Chandos Lake 14 km

Chandos Lake ride data

Chandos Lake ride data

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