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Announcement – Sept 19th ride – special event

The Sept 19, 2010 ride will be integrated with the Tour de Mississauga. Any RRS riders who would like to do the tour please let me know asap.

The 2010 Tour de Mississauga is a free event.

At present both Drew and Denise will be representing the RRS group. The more the merrier. We will be doing the 60km route. There is a shorter route option … and a longer one. For details on the Tour de Mississauga see the blog post here.

Biking with Hazel

If you’ve never done a “tour” it is a lot of fun. The starts are very busy but the pack thins out within about 15 minutes. It’s usually very festive. It’s not a race but I find the rides are usually so interesting they go by fast.

The 2008 Tour de Mississauga had 30 participants.
The 2009 Tour de Mississauga had 400 participants.

Tour de Mississauga 2009

Compare this with Montreal’s Tour de Lile which attracted 20,000 riders in the rain on June 6, 2010.

Tour de Lile - Montrea

The RRS team logo and jerseys will not be available in time for this event. More details on the apparel program to follow.


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