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Denise is a Roadie

Denise has been spinning her tail off and decided it was time to go roadie. Here she is posing with her new road bike.

Denise's new wheels

Denise's new wheels

After a few weekends of bike store hopping (almost as fun as bar hopping) she found a bike that “felt just right”.

She took the bike out for a trial ride today. I followed along. We rode East following the Burnhamthorpe Trail then we headed South on Mississauga Road all the way to Port Credit.

We had to pick up Denise’s Mini that she had left abandoned in a parking lot after a bender with her sista’s and an early morning cab ride home. Fortunately she remembered where she last saw the car and we found it easily. That’s the good news.

Now the bad news. I put the skinny tires on the Bad Boy and rode with my shoes clipped in. Then, for the second time in one day, I got my butt kicked. Holy smokes does she go fast on that bike. As we were heading down Mississauga Road she was pulling away. I kept shifting and pumping to keep up … and then before I knew it I was out of gears. I was pedaling with as fast of a cadence as I could. My legs looked like the Road Runner.

Road Runner

Without more gears I was toast and she just continued to pull away. Five minutes later I couldn’t even see her.

Luckily she was kind enough to stop, get off the bike, have a nice lunch, read a magazine then I was finally able to catch up to her.

When we got to the mini I loaded my bike into the back and then told Denise “thanks for kicking my butt, ride home bitch” (OK – The truth is she wanted to but I like to sound tough once in a while).

I don’t know what route she took but I drove home and she was home 10 minutes after me. Jeeze

I think the members of RRS are gonna be in a bit of trouble when we hit the roads. Denise is an animal (and she’s fast on the bike too!)

I’m going to go pour myself a bowl of Wheaties with RED BULL instead of milk. Do you think that might help me keep up?

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2 thoughts on “Denise is a Roadie

  1. spinchick43 on said:

    Thanks for the great bike hon! I really LOVE it….now I just need riding buddies who can keep up….

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