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Road Bike Test Ride a Success

Saturday September 25, 2010 – Denise and I took our road bikes out for a maiden test ride. We did 35km. It was a very windy morning. We found a cool bike path that crossed Six Mile Creek at the end of Neyagwaya Blvd.

On a long stretch of flat road on 5th line we wound the bikes up to see how they handled going fast. We got them up to 45 km/hr and held the speed for several minutes. That really got the heart going. I was surprised at how differently the bike handled at 45 km/hr vs. the 25 km/hr were used to. They were very stable and handled much better than I had expected.

The new equipment all functioned fine. Everything seemed properly adjusted with no problems. It was a beautiful morning … 16C. The trees were turning into the fall colors. I think we’re going to really enjoy the road riding.

Rode Bike 35km Test Ride

Rode Bike 35km Test Ride

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