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Jack Darling Loop – 30ish km

Saturday Oct 16, 2010

Road Bikes from Drew’s House to Clarkson Go Station down to Waterfront Trail, over to Jack Darling Park, on to Port Credit and back via Mississauga Road.
Riders – Drew, Denise, Ange

I left my Garmin on and did not realize it until I went to get it right before the ride. It was dead. I put it on the charger before I left but there was no time to recharge.

Note to Self: Always check that Garmin is charged the night before a scheduled ride.

No Garmin data on this ride. It was about a 90 minute loop estimated at 28-30km. We’ll do the exact loop again and we’ll see how close our estimate is.

Nice weather, 10C and sunny

Everybody was dressed for the cooler weather. Everybody was comfortable except for Denise’s toes.

As is becoming usual, Denise crushed me on the ride back up Mississauga Road. Ange was comfortable keeping with her pace but I’ve got to keep training.

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