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Credit Valley 37 km

Sunday Nov 21, 2010 – Six riders on a cold morning.

Riders – Drew, Mike R, Todd, Ange, Scott, Dario

Ange, Todd and Mike met at my house at 7:30 AM. Ange was riding his vintage 1988 Kuwahara mountain bike. Here are some pics of the bike. It is a classic.

Check out the rear caliper brackets suspended under the frame. I’ve never seen that before.

We rode to Erindale Park then followed the Culham Trail North along the Credit River until we reached Scott’s house. I estimated this would take 3o minutes but it actually took 38 minutes.

We met Scott and Dario and proceeded North. We saw four deer crossing the bike path. I only had time to photograph the last one crossing the path.

We followed the Credit River to PineCliffe Park. Then we followed Creditview Road to cross Hwy 401. I took a few pictures as the riders came down Creditview.

Mike looks a bit frigid in the next pic.

We took a short break at the newly constructed Credit Valley Conservation Authority building.

At this point it started to snow a little. Very festive! We continued North to the end of the Culhman Trail. At this point it becomes the Davidson Trail.

We crossed under Derry Road and continued. The path was very well maintained and it was a nice area to ride through. At this point we had been riding about 90 minutes and it was time to turn around. It was snowing fairly hard at this point but the snow wasn’t sticking to the ground. The ride stopped just short of highway 407.

Here are some pics of the trail head as the group turned around to head back.

There was a new, and very nice, bridge crossing the river. It was like a bike superhighway. Here are a few pics of riders coming across the last section.

A short while later Mike went exploring up a set of new stairs.

He reported back that there was nothing special at the top, just a neighborhood.

We retraced our route back down the river. Todd checked out a few diversions on the path.

When we got back to Streetsville Memorial Park the group split up. Scott went home with Dario. Todd and Ange decided to head back to Erindale Park. Drew and Mike headed back along Mississauga Road to get back quicker.

I really enjoyed this ride. It was much nicer scenery than the Etobicoke Creek ride last week. It is nice that we have such great riding next to home. It was great getting six people out riding together in November. The snow we encountered at the Northern end of the trail started to get me into the holiday spirit!

Ride data here.

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5 thoughts on “Credit Valley 37 km

  1. mnfmike on said:

    Agreed. Great ride made better with a great ‘crowd’. All the deer sightings were cool too. I was really contemplating turning around a few times as my clothing gear wasn’t doing the job. My hands and feet were getting pretty cold, and at my age I figured I didn’t need to go out early on a weekend morning too be uncomfortable. But koodos to you guys for stringing me along …. “just ten more minutes” …. then after the ten, “just fifteen more minutes”. You got another (10+15) X 2 = 50 minutes outta me. Reminded me of when the wife and I are making love and I say ‘Lets wrap this up, my hands and feet are getting cold’ and she says “Just ten more minutes” and then after that “Just fifteen more minutes” … next thing you know, I gotta go to work …. LOL!

  2. I’ve never ridden in such cold, snowy and windy conditions but I haven’t enjoyed a ride as much as this one in a long time. Its incredible how motivating it is when you have a great group of guys to ride with. Thanks again. Looking forward to more rides. Cheers!

  3. swbowers on said:

    Great ride, thanks for not making me ride to your house to start the ride, missing the first 3 x “10 minutes more” made it just the right distance for me.

  4. 37km?? Never thought in my life that I’d be riding such distances. Had a great time.
    Thanks to all for waiting for me to catch up.
    Hats-off to Drew for the great ‘news’ coverage!

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