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Port Credit Waterfront Trail East

Dec 19, 2010 – We decided to be adventurous and head to Port Credit in -5C and light snow. We parked in the community lot near the Pump House Grille.

Riders – Ange, Erick, Drew

We were on the Lakefront Trail in 2 minutes from the parking area. I had a little uncertainty about the weather and the temperature. -5C is the coldest I’ve ridden in so far and it was snowing. I wasn’t sure if we would have to endure a harsh wind off the lake. It turns out there was little to no wind and it was very quiet and serene. Winter had definitely arrived. The water was icing over.

The paths were covered with light snow but very passable. We would slow a little on corners because you could notice ice patches just under the snow. The light snow improved the traction and we never slid.

We followed the Trail to Lakefront Promenade Park and did some exploring.

This is Etobicoke Creek as it reaches Lake Ontario.

As we crossed the bridge over Etobicoke Creek two formations of Canada Geese flew over us.

The Waterfront Trail was better than I had expected in this section. It was scenic, peaceful and enjoyable.

The trail along the lake was really nice. A couple of area looked like a winter scene on a postcard.

We continued exploring and followed paths out to a point at Samuel Smith Park. It reminded us of riding out on the Leslie Street Spit in the Toronto harbor only this was a mini version.

We continued along through Cliff Lumsdon Park to Prince of Wales Park. There is an outdoor hockey rink there.

As we passed by the rink a puck shot across the bike path just in front of Ange. It’s not too often you have to dodge hockey pucks on bike rides.

At this point the Waterfront Trail follows Lakeshore Boulevard to Humber Bay West. I estimate it would have been about 2km further. Instead of riding along the road that connects to the paths at Humber Bay we decided to turn around and head back.

Ange had heard about a Park in this area that had path skating similar to the Park skating in Brampton. We asked a woman walking her dog if she knew where the park was. She gave directions to Ange and we decided to check it out.

We found it in Samuel Smith Park. When we went through the park the first time we took paths along the shoreline. The skating area was on the North side of the Park. They were playing Christmas music and several people were skating. It was a small loop but it looked like it would be fun and perfect for kids.

After watching the skaters for a minute or two we headed back. We retraced our way back to Port Credit.

This was a great ride. I had expected this section of the Waterfront trail to be predominately road riding through industrial parks and screened from the lake. It was the complete opposite. It might be one of the most scenic sections of the Waterfront Trail I’ve ridden so far. Since it passes through many parks and along several yacht clubs I imagine it would be a great ride in the summer although it will probably be much busier. I’ll be riding this route again and it may become a favorite.

Here are the maps of the Waterfront Trail from Port Credit to Humber Bay

Map – Waterfront Trail – Port Credit

Map – Waterfront Trail – Long Branch

Map – Waterfront Trail – Humber Bay

Ride started here.

This was the route we rode.

This is the link to the ride data.

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  1. That’s dedication!

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