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Lake Mountsberg Snow Ride

Thursday Dec 30, 2010

Riders – Drew and Ange

Ange and I decided to do some trail riding at Lake Mountsberg. We had very little snow at home and assumed the trails at Lake Mountsberg would be pretty clear. We were wrong.

We parked near the visitor center. We were there at 8:30AM when they were supposed to open.

Lake Mountsberg Visitor Center

We were the first car in the parking lot.

The staff was a few minutes late opening up. We got the bikes ready and they gave us a map. There are about 16km of bike trails in the conservation area.

The trails were completely snow covered.

We decided to take the Lakeshore Lookout trail (Blue) first. The trails were nice, wide and well marked. We started off on trails that are used for the wagon and sleigh rides so they were hard packed and very ride-able. Then as we progressed further we found ourselves on trails that had only seen light foot traffic or cross country skiis. The bikes sank into the snow. It was some tough pedaling. We never slipped nor lost control which was amazing because we could not go very fast at all. There were a few steep parts that were very hard to maintain speed and traction so we ended up walking the bikes a little.

After a half an hour we covered just under 4km to arrive at one of two lookout points. On this tower the lower stairs were torn down so we could not go up into the tower.

We turned around and took another loop back along the lake to the second lookout. The second tower had stairs so we went up inside to check out the view.

We could make out some ice fishermen in the distance.

As we made our way back we came across “Christmas Town”.

There were several buildings decorated in Christmas themes. Prior to Christmas you can take a horse drawn sleigh ride or wagon ride into Christmas town. Since Christmas had passed it was now deserted. This would be a neat destination to bring the kids next year

We had ridden for about an hour at this point and we decided to check out the Pioneer Creek Trail (Orange). Personally I liked this trail the better of the two. It was narrower, fairly flat and initially it wound closely through the shrubs and trees. Later it opened up somewhat. There were several side loops and we explored one. The only tracks on that trail were deer tracks. We rode these trails for another 45 minutes and ended up back at the Welcome Center. We did not pass a single person on any trail the entire time. We had the place to ourselves.

Back at the visitor center there were activities happening. We overheard the cashier tell a customer that one of the 11:00 Bird of Prey shows was already sold out. That was at 10:30. We didn’t see very many cars in the parking lot and we were wondering how many people the shows accommodate.

The temperature was -3c but the pedaling was so strenuous that we were both very warm. In fact too warm at times. This was the most snow I’ve ridden in so far. It was a nice ride. I felt very adventuresome having done it.

This was a nice ride to end the year. Goodbye 2010.

Here is the data.

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