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Bike Prince Edward County Wine and Culinary Tours

I’m already thinking about summer and beginning to plan a few day trips or an overnight bike tour. I came across this website and it looks pretty appealing. Bikes, wine tours and cheese shops in small towns along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Leave a comment if you might be interested in a trip.

Prince Edward County Wine and Culinary Tours

Suitable for all levels of ability, the pace is one of leisure and fun. Join us for a guided tour of the beautiful Prince Edward County countryside with an experienced, local guide on comfortable hybrid touring bicycles.

Your guide will provide interesting and unique insights into the County and why it is one of Ontario’s newest most popular destinations on your visit to four charming boutique wineries. Ride on pretty country roads to some of the finest wineries in Prince Edward County. Relax over lunch at a beautiful winery overlooking their vineyards.

Wineries visited may include The Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery, Sandbanks Estate Winery, Rosehall Run Vineyards, Norman Hardie Winery, Casa Dea Estate Winery, and By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery where the tour begins and ends.

No need to worry about carrying purchased wine – one of our vans will pick up all purchased products and deliver them to the tour starting point.

via Prince Edward County Wine and Culinary Tours.

Hand Signals when Riding

Cycling Home from Siberia

Review: Cycling Home from Siberia | Barn Door Cycling.

Leslie Street Spit

I’ve been blessed with good health for the past year. I can’t remember missing a Sunday ride because of not feeling well since last March. But today I’m not riding as I recover from a head cold. If it was the middle of summer I might have attempted to try a ride and “sweat it out”. Today it is -11C and snow everywhere. I think the best idea is to rest.

Which brings me to the point. I’m getting caught up on email and came across an email of the electronic version of Running Room Magazine. The have a new section called Home Runs which showcase favorite running routes.

The showcased route this time is the Leslie Street Spit.

It made me remember the few times we did that ride last year. Good memories. And it made me want to ride it again this year. It is on the list of planned 2011 rides.

This is the link to the article.

1st Ride of 2011 – Snow Ride 13km

January 9, 2011 – This was the first RRS ride for 2011. What a way to kick off the season. The weather was -10C (14F) with a lot of snow on the ground from the day before.

Drew, Erick, Steve

We planned on riding down to the Credit River. We left at 8AM and began to follow the trails from my house towards Erindale Park. The path that we started on had not been plowed. The snow was partially packed in places from people walking.

It was some very strenuous and difficult pedaling. This was the coldest that I have been riding yet. I added an extra layer thinking I would be chilly but the hard pedaling had me overheated in about 10 minutes. When we reached the end of the first trail section we came upon plowed path. Even though there was still snow and ice on the paved path it was dramatically easier to pedal.

We followed the plowed path to another unplowed trail heading to Sawmill Valley. Again it was beautiful through the woods but some seriously tough going. When we reached an underpass at Burnhamthorpe we had a quick meeting. Change of plans. There was no way I could go for an hour and a half through the heavy snow. Everybody agreed and we took to sidewalks, paved paths and roads for the rest of the ride.

Erick took the lead. We went down Collegeway to UTM and then West almost to Ridgeway. We returned down a section of the Burnhamthorpe Trail. We biked some paved walking paths from San Francesco’s on Unity Gate winding up back where we started.

You can see the Garmin data here.

Saddle speak « Kitesurf Bike rambling

This is an interesting blog post about bike saddles. I’m using a Brooks B17 and it’s the best saddle I have found so far. It is so good that I’ve stopped looking. I’m not sure how it could get any better.

Saddle speak « Kitesurf Bike rambling.

Tour For Kids

This summer, I will be participating in 2011 Tour For Kids Ontario, a challenging cycling adventure comprised of cyclists, cancer survivors and volunteers.  Together, we will cycle hundreds of kilometres over several days, raising funds and awareness for children living with and beyond cancer.

The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is primarily a volunteer based organization that supports children’s cancer charities across Canada ensuring that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to the kids cancer charities we support!  Tour for Kids specifically supports children’s cancer camps and family support programs to families undergoing the ravages of childhood cancer.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal and give these courageous children and adolescents the opportunity to attend year round camp programmes.

You can make an instant and secure online donation by clicking on this link:

For more information on how YOU or a friend can participate in 2011 Tour For Kids Ontario, as a cyclist, volunteer or a sponsor, please visit the Tour For Kids website at

Thank for your generous support!


Heft on Wheels

I saw reference to this book on another bike blog.  Here is the link to the book on

This was an easy read and I enjoyed it.

RONA MS Bike Tour – Toronto

Here is another cycling event to put on the maybe list. John Clark was telling Denise that the MS Tours are well done. I’m not sure if John has done it or has just heard about them. None-the-less it’s worth exploring.

Rona MS Tour Cyclist Handbook

MS Society of Canada – Ontario Division – RONA MS Bike Tour – Toronto.

If anybody has done this before post a comment and let us know how it was.

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