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Snow Ride to Bradley House Museum 32 km

Sun Feb 27, 2011 – Ange, Erick and Drew

With an overnight weather forecast of 1cm of precipitation and 3C we woke up to a winter surprise. It snowed 3-4 inches overnight and the snow was clinging to the branches of the trees creating a winter wonderland. It was -4C.

This would not deter the RRS Winter Warriors (Ange, Erick and Drew) as we decided to adventure out.

Snowy Wnter Morning - Rainbow Crescent

I decided that we would work our way down toward Lake Ontario via bike paths. I was thinking that their might be less snow closer to the lake. I was wrong.

Erick and Ange and Snowy Bike Paths

We followed paths down to the Clarkson Go Train station which was a good strategic stop to answer “Nature’s Call”. There was a lot of room left in the bike racks by the station. Winter riding has it’s advantages.

Clarkson Go Starion Bike Racks

We proceeded down Southdown Road then turned left onto Orr Road. There were Canada Geese wandering around Bradley Park.

Canada Geese in Bradley Park along Orr Road

There was evidence of an accident earlier that morning. Somebody driving along Orr Road must have been watching the Geese to their left as they lost control of their car. There were skid marks to the right which ended up in a fence.

As we rode by it struck me as funny that it could have been us watching the Geese and skidding into the fence. That gave us the idea to stage a comedic re-eanactment of Ange and I careening into the fence on our bikes. Erick caught it all on the digital camera.

Re-enactment of the dangers of not paying attention on slippery roads.

As we continued we passed a man feeding a deer carrots through the fence alongside the road.

Deer along Orr Road

The man said there were 27 deer living in the fenced area which is on land owned by the oil refinery. As we went further along we saw many more deer right along the roadside. They did not seem too concerned about us with the exception of our squeaking brakes.

Soon we arrived at the Bradley House Museum and I took a picture of the Log cabin at the entrance.

Log Cabin at Bradley House Museum, Port Credit

There is a “secret” path that leads from the Log Cabin to the Lake. Well, maybe it’s not secret, but it is discreet and although I’ve taken the path several times before I’ve never passed a cyclist on the path. I have passed a few walkers but this path is not as popular as the paths along the Credit River or Jack Darling Park.

The path first leads to Meadow Wood Park where there is a large outdoor rink. This morning nobody was on the rink. Erick decided to check it out as a possible destination to take his kids ice skating.

Erick investigates the Ice Rink at Meadow Wood Park

From here we continued along the secret path to Watersedge Park on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Watersedge Park. Port Credit

From this point we left the paths and took to the roads. We followed the Water Front Trail to Port Credit then headed North on Mississauga Road toward home.

We took a little detour down Doulton Drive off of Mississauga Road to look at some of the mansions. Ange was able to narrate a little history about several of the magnificent homes that we passed in that neighborhood.

Doulton Drive Detour

The road riding was a lot easier than peddling through the snow, however, the temperature was rising and the roads were wet. We got seriously wet and dirty on the way back.

Once we arrived home, we were able to give the bikes a good hose down to wash off the dirt and salt.

Our short snow ride turned into a 32 km tour de Port Credit. This was the longest ride that I’ve done in a while and my legs were tired by the end of the ride.

Riding through the Winter has me prepared and excited about the arrival of Spring. Until then, we’ll keep enjoying our snow rides.

Ride data here.

Etobicoke Creek Trail Extension – Official Opening on YouTube

I just discovered this YouTube Video promoting the opening of the Etobicoke Creek Trail. I think Mississauga could use some help in the promotion department. This Youtube video was produced in Sept of 2010 and only has 79 views as of the date of this post.

Compare that to a random video of my daughter when she was growing up. That video has 200 hits. Aside from Grandma and Grandpa I’m not sure who else is watching. But clearly there are more people watching home videos of kids than the City of Mississauga’s promotion of the bike system development. That just ain’t right.

We did an Etobicoke Trail Ride back on Nov 15, 2010. I remember it being a marginal ride as compared to some of the other ride routes. Perhaps the Etobicoke Creek Trail will be more appealing in the Spring time.

Marilyn Monroe Route 26km

Feb 20, 2011 – Ange, Erick and Drew

The temperature was a brisk -9 C but there wasn’t much wind as we headed out for another February ride.

I’ll call this route the Marilyn Monroe route because we rode down to Square One to check out the construction of Fernbrook’s new condos.

We took the Ted Ho trail to Square One.

Originally we planned to ride to Square One then double back and ride down along the Credit River. However, there was heavy ice on the trail wherever it was shaded or wooded. Ange took a fall (not hurt) when we took a short cut through the woods from the Burnhamthorpe Trail to the Ted Ho trail.

When we arrived near Square One we checked the map and decided it would be better to head over to the Cooksville Creek Trail.

Checking the Map

There still is a lot of development in the Square One area. We passed by the construction of the new Sheridan Business College buildings.

Sheridan College Construction

Opposite this construction project is more development with three cranes set up.

Development at Square One - Three Cranes

We paused by the Empire movie theatres before heading for the Marilyn Monroe Building.

The Marilyn Monroe buildings have become a landmark in the area.

Fernbrook's Marilyn Monroe Building

Do you see any resemblance?

All I can say is that they are both a pleasure to look at.

The Marilyn Monroe building is 56 stories high and reaches 584 feet into the air. I didn’t measure it. I just read about it on the Absolute World Project on Wikipedia. These two skyscrapers will be the tallest of any built in a Canadian suburban city.

They look even more interesting up close. The amount of curve and overhang from floor to floor is incredible. The buildings are big. The penthouse on the top floor of the Marilyn Monroe building is 2,700 SF. I can’t imagine what that penthouse would sell for.

After spending a little time admiring the architecture we pressed on. The paths along Cooksville Creek were very icy.

It was some very bumpy and slow going in the wooded sections.

Cooksville Creek Trail

After working our way down the Cooksville Creek Trail we followed the bike route along Paisley Blvd to Huron Park. We passed by a Catholic School that Ange attended when he was growing up.

At that point we headed straight back in the interest of time.

I really enjoyed this ride. We were all dressed properly and the bright sun made it not seem as cold as the thermometer indicated. The ice we encountered was minimal and the paths were good. It was a nice mix of urban and wooded riding. I’ve done some challenging winter rides (remember Mountsberg Ange?) but this was the nicest winter ride this season.

Ride data here.

Snow Ride along the Credit River 14km

February 13, 2011 – The temperature had warmed up to zero celcius. Erick and Drew did some snow riding along the Credit River.

Drew and Erick

The trails were packed down pretty well by the cross country skiers.

We got a few funny looks as we passed by the skiers. We also passed a few runners. We had to stay on the packed trail or the bikes would sink into the snow making it nearly impossible to pedal.

Riding in the snow was a great workout. We both were a little over dressed and we had to manage being too warm vs. too cold. There are just a few more weeks of snow riding left.

Ride data here.

Cambridge Tour de Grand Fourteenth Annual Bicycle Ride

Tour de Grand 2011 Logo

Fourteenth Annual Cambridge Tour de Grand

Ride Times:
8:00 am – 160 km
8:30 am – 100 km
9:00 am – 60 & 72 km
9:30 am – 50 km
10:00 am – 25 km
10:30 am – 10 & 15 km

Duncan McIntosh Arena-Churchill Park
200 Christopher Drive
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 4S4

Entry fee is $40 per family

via Cambridge Tour de Grand Fourteenth Annual Bicycle Ride.

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