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Marilyn Monroe Route 26km

Feb 20, 2011 – Ange, Erick and Drew

The temperature was a brisk -9 C but there wasn’t much wind as we headed out for another February ride.

I’ll call this route the Marilyn Monroe route because we rode down to Square One to check out the construction of Fernbrook’s new condos.

We took the Ted Ho trail to Square One.

Originally we planned to ride to Square One then double back and ride down along the Credit River. However, there was heavy ice on the trail wherever it was shaded or wooded. Ange took a fall (not hurt) when we took a short cut through the woods from the Burnhamthorpe Trail to the Ted Ho trail.

When we arrived near Square One we checked the map and decided it would be better to head over to the Cooksville Creek Trail.

Checking the Map

There still is a lot of development in the Square One area. We passed by the construction of the new Sheridan Business College buildings.

Sheridan College Construction

Opposite this construction project is more development with three cranes set up.

Development at Square One - Three Cranes

We paused by the Empire movie theatres before heading for the Marilyn Monroe Building.

The Marilyn Monroe buildings have become a landmark in the area.

Fernbrook's Marilyn Monroe Building

Do you see any resemblance?

All I can say is that they are both a pleasure to look at.

The Marilyn Monroe building is 56 stories high and reaches 584 feet into the air. I didn’t measure it. I just read about it on the Absolute World Project on Wikipedia. These two skyscrapers will be the tallest of any built in a Canadian suburban city.

They look even more interesting up close. The amount of curve and overhang from floor to floor is incredible. The buildings are big. The penthouse on the top floor of the Marilyn Monroe building is 2,700 SF. I can’t imagine what that penthouse would sell for.

After spending a little time admiring the architecture we pressed on. The paths along Cooksville Creek were very icy.

It was some very bumpy and slow going in the wooded sections.

Cooksville Creek Trail

After working our way down the Cooksville Creek Trail we followed the bike route along Paisley Blvd to Huron Park. We passed by a Catholic School that Ange attended when he was growing up.

At that point we headed straight back in the interest of time.

I really enjoyed this ride. We were all dressed properly and the bright sun made it not seem as cold as the thermometer indicated. The ice we encountered was minimal and the paths were good. It was a nice mix of urban and wooded riding. I’ve done some challenging winter rides (remember Mountsberg Ange?) but this was the nicest winter ride this season.

Ride data here.

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