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Etobicoke Creek Trail Extension – Official Opening on YouTube

I just discovered this YouTube Video promoting the opening of the Etobicoke Creek Trail. I think Mississauga could use some help in the promotion department. This Youtube video was produced in Sept of 2010 and only has 79 views as of the date of this post.

Compare that to a random video of my daughter when she was growing up. That video has 200 hits. Aside from Grandma and Grandpa I’m not sure who else is watching. But clearly there are more people watching home videos of kids than the City of Mississauga’s promotion of the bike system development. That just ain’t right.

We did an Etobicoke Trail Ride back on Nov 15, 2010. I remember it being a marginal ride as compared to some of the other ride routes. Perhaps the Etobicoke Creek Trail will be more appealing in the Spring time.

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