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Paris Brest Paris Bike Ride

Scott B. hangs with some serious gear heads. He sent me an email about another event that Andrea’s husband (still nameless) is considering. I think we’re going to have to meet this Andrea’s Husband guy. He might be brainwashing Scott.

Paris Brest Paris Checkpoint

Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is a non stop 1200km randonnee bike ride from Paris to Brest on the west coast of France and then back again to Paris. Participants can choose from three maximum time limits: 80, 84 or 90 hours. These time limits include all your stops, including eating sleeping and anything else you might need to do over 4 days!

The event is the most prestigious on the global Audax calendar and is aspired to by thousands of particpants from all continents once every four years; the next PBP will be in August 2011.

via Paris Brest Paris bike ride – How to ride PBP.

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