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Meadowvale 28km

March 13, 2011

The weather was 3C and overcast. Ange and I were riding the vintage bikes. Ange had installed some fenders on his Kuwahara after receiving a lot of road spray on our ride two weeks ago.

I had the map from the 2010 Tour De Mississauga. We agreed to head North towards Meadowvale to retrace some of the paths I had taken during the Tour de Mississauga last fall.

The paths were relatively clear of snow and ice until we arrived at Lake Wabukayne.

Ange and Drew at Lake Wabukayne

From this point onward the paths that passed through wooded areas were still snow covered and icy. We continued to Lake Aquitane.

Lake Aquitane

We continued to head North until we reached the Dirt Jump Bicycle Park just south of the 401.

This is one of three BMX Dirt Jump Parks maintained by the City of Mississauga. For information on the Dirt Jump Parks check out this web page.

In this section of the ride, the trails were still very icy.

Drew riding through the woods near the Meadowvale Dirt Bike Jump Park

This was the Northern most point of the ride. We turned West, crossed Winston Churchill and headed South down the Millgrove Trail. With the wind at our back and a slight downhill we made good time. When we arrived at Britannia we decided to take cut over to Greensboro Drive to lead us to some more trails South of Thomas.

We found the trails. They were not paved, but it didn’t matter since they were covered with packed snow and ice. We missed a turn and looped back to Glen Erin to retrace a bit of route we took earlier in the ride when we were heading out.

This might be the last of the Winter riding. The weather forecast for this week is 10 degrees and rain for several days.

I still have the studded tires on the Schwinn Sierra. On today’s ride we were only were on ice and snow for about 10% of this ride. I think it’s time to put the studded tires away.

I am really looking forward to Spring but I will miss the Winter rides. Every ride was a bit of an adventure. There were virtually no other riders out and we had the paths and trails to ourselves.

The RSS Winter Warriors came, they rode, they conquered!

Winter is Conquered!

Ride data here.

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