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Ahead by a Century

Sunday March 21, 2011

Today was the first day of Spring. It didn’t feel like it when I woke to an outside temperature of -5c. It was sunny and the forecast was for the temperature to rise to 5c (it hit 4c).

I decided to ride to Humber Bay West. I prepared the Bad Boy and took off.

Long story short … I had time, I felt good, and I just kept going to complete my first Century!

And that is why I am Ahead by a Century.

I took a few wrong turns in Toronto. I have a Toronto bike map but I had misplaced it. I looked on the internet before I left to get a general idea of where to go. It’s tough getting old, my memory let me down after I passed through High Park and reached Annette Street. That was pretty much the last of the bike lanes. Traffic was pretty lite. Even zooming down University Avenue past the ROM and Queens Park I pretty much had a lane to myself.

When I was nearly home my Garmin indicated that I was 10k short of 100k. Then I decided to do a little loop over to 9th Line and up to Erin Center Blvd. That was enough mileage to hit 100.5 km.

That’s a long ride … on a hybrid. My legs held up, and even though I was not wearing padded bike shorts, my butt wasn’t sore thanks to my B17 now broken in and custom moulded to my ass.

Tonight the stairs keep reminding me that I did some distance. I’ll consider the ride a success if I am able to walk tomorrow.

Ride data here.

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One thought on “Ahead by a Century

  1. Todd Vienneau on said:

    Congrats Drew. Sounds like a nice ride. That saddle much be good if you didn’t feel 6 hours without shorts!!

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