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Toronto Bike Map – There’s an App for That

Just last night I was saying how much I love Steve Jobs and Apple products. Why? Because every time I think to myself … wouldn’t it be cool if … Apple delivers.

By example, last Sunday I was riding my Bad Boy downtown in Toronto. Earlier that day I had failed to find my printed map of the Toronto bike paths. In my excitement to get going, I decided to not waste time searching for a map. So I left home without it.

I had looked at a route on the computer before I left, but my brain just ain’t what it used to be. Midway into my city tour I inevitably lost my way. Admittedly, I kind of knew where I was. I pulled out the iphone and the GPS pin pointed exactly where I was. That’s a comfort. But I wanted to route a course on bike paths, not roads.

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if my iphone could magically directly me around Toronto on bike paths.

Viola! – as if Steve Jobs (aka. GOD), sensed my need, this morning I discovered that once again Apple makes it possible.

Here is what I found in the App store … and it’s FREE. How cool is that?

What can I say. Love the iphone!

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