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Trains and Bikes Equal Freedom

Check out the Path Less Pedaled Website – very cool

Speaking of Trains and Bikes I attended a TBN (Toronto Bike Network) training seminar this week and I was chatting it up with some seasoned ride leaders. They told me that it is 160km from CN tower to Niagara Falls and there is a GO train that will bring you and your bike back for about $20. TBN members do that ride a few times in the summer and it is a one day ride. A long day, but still only one day. The returning GO train stops in Oakville on the return to Union Station. When I get more info about dates I’ll post it on the RRS blog.

And another point of interest: Laura and Russ travelled 10,000 miles over 15 months and they were riding on Brooks B17 saddles. I know, I know – I sound like an advertisment but it is just another testimonial of how amazing the Brooks saddle is. Laura and Russ are going to do another journey on folding bikes. When I was reading about the bikes I came across a subtle magic detail. Yep … they swapped their old Brooks saddles onto the new bikes. Enough said.

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