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Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Dutch really have biking figured out.

  • There are 18 million bicycles in a country of 16 million inhabitants
  • 26% of all traffic movements in the country are by bicycle
  • 14 million bike trips are made every day in the country, totalling 15 billion km
  • 40% of Dutch primary school children cycle to school (vs 25% by car) which rises to 75% of secondary school students (aged 12 to 17 and versus 6% by car)
  • The Netherlands boastsĀ more than 29,000km of segregated cycle tracks
  • 1.1 cyclist fatalities per 100 million km cycled, compared to 3.6 in the UK (with a 2% cycling modal share) and 5.8 in the US (about 1% mode share) show that the more cyclists there are, the safer cycling becomes.

Check out this Cycling Mobility Blog for more information.

Coming Event – Fall Toronto Bike Show – Saturday October 15, 2011

It’s that time of year again. The Fall Bike show is scheduled for Saturday Oct 15, 2011 at the Direct Energy Center in Toronto. I attended this show last year and it was an absolute zoo. I recommend getting there at 10AM when they open if you want any chance of getting a deal or seeing anything. Within an hour, the place fills up so much that you can barely navigate the isles.

The official website is here.

Coming Event – Red Bull Mini Drome – Toronto Oct 8, 2011

Mini Drome is coming to Toronto on Oct 8, 2011. The event will be held at the Brickworks. It is very convenient to Mill Street Brew Pub. That might be the perfect excuse to take a bike adventure down to the Brickworks.

Mill Street Brew Pub Logo

Check out this Youtube video clip from the London Red Bull Mini Drome Event. And YES that is THE Danny Macaskill attending.

Coming Event – Tweed Ride Toronto – October 15, 2011

What is a Tweed Ride? According to the official Tweed Ride Website:

Tweed Ride Toronto is a group bicycle ride through downtown Toronto, in which the cyclists are encouraged to dress in classic tweed or any smart looking outfit. Any effort made to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is also appreciated. Any and all bicycles are acceptable.

Tweed Ride Photo from Tweed Ride Toronto Website

This looks like fun. I wish I would have discovered this event sooner. Other than my Brooks saddle I don’t have much “classic” happening. Perhaps I can assemble an outfit, given a little time. In the future, if you see a stylish bloke pedaling the urban Mississauga landscape, it could be me.

Fatbike Winter Biking in Alaska

This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait for Winter!

Portland Design Works Takeout Basket

This is one very cool cargo solution from Portland Design Works. I especially like the slot for the U-lock.

Portland Design Works Takeout Basket

See it in action on Vimeo.

Heated Handle Bar Grips for Winter Riding

Winter riding is not far away. I am getting ready and beginning to prepare for some cold weather riding. I came across a company that makes heated handlebar grips. The company is A’me and here is the website. The product is called A’me Ergo Tri Grips.

I also found a Youtube video review of the grips.

These could be worth a try.

HPC Folding Electric Bike

I think the electric bike revolution has begun.

More info at

How to – Buy Rain Gear for Biking

Here is a short informative video about bicycling rain gear.

2011 Tour de Mississauga

Tour de Mississauga 2011  Logo

I’ll be riding the tour de Mississauga for the second time this Sunday. See my post from the 2010 ride. This year I am really stepping it up. I have registered for the 1oo km road bike route.

There are over 1000 cyclists registered so far. The weather forecast looks good!

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