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I’m a huge fan of the Brooks B17 saddle. I read the Brooks blog like a religion.

Brooks B17

Here is a statistic that is difficult to wrap my head around.

2002 – Brooks England is acquired by Selle Royal, Italian saddle giants themselves who manufacture a staggering 80,000 foam padded saddles a day, which is more or less the number of leather saddles which Brooks puts out in an entire year.

Selle Royal – 80,000 saddles A DAY!
FRACKALACKUS that’s a whack of saddles!

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2 thoughts on “The Brooks England Blog

  1. Looks can be deceiving…..Drew your studded seat was not what I expected in comfort on Monday’s ride but I was pleasantly surprised. More important is “frackalackus” a word?

  2. I’m pretty damnasureous that I spelled frackalackus correctly!

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