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Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Dutch really have biking figured out.

  • There are 18 million bicycles in a country of 16 million inhabitants
  • 26% of all traffic movements in the country are by bicycle
  • 14 million bike trips are made every day in the country, totalling 15 billion km
  • 40% of Dutch primary school children cycle to school (vs 25% by car) which rises to 75% of secondary school students (aged 12 to 17 and versus 6% by car)
  • The Netherlands boasts more than 29,000km of segregated cycle tracks
  • 1.1 cyclist fatalities per 100 million km cycled, compared to 3.6 in the UK (with a 2% cycling modal share) and 5.8 in the US (about 1% mode share) show that the more cyclists there are, the safer cycling becomes.

Check out this Cycling Mobility Blog for more information.

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