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Bad Boy with Pannier

I am working on further enhancing the morphing abilities of my Bad Boy.

My Bad Boy started out as a hybrid / urban bike. After a month of urban riding, I ordered a 26″ mountain bike wheel set that morphed the Bad Boy into a hard tail mountain bike.

Last month I acquired a wheel set with ice-shedding discs and studded snow tires for the approaching winter riding.

Now I am working on morphing the Bad Boy into a touring bike.

Touring requires cargo. I have been researching, experimenting, and playing around with racks, bags and pannier solutions. I ended up buying a medium duty seat post mounted rear rack to hold a single, or set, of panniers. I have it fitted with a single pannier for now.

Flexibility is key for me. I want to be able to convert the Bad Boy between personalities in seconds. This system can give me cargo capacity in 60 seconds.  The manufacturer says it can hold 20kg (44 pounds). That seems like a lot of weight to cantilever off of a seat post. I don’t plan to load the rack to full capacity. A heavy load will require another solution.

For now, I want a system to hold about 20 pounds of stuff such as;  wind breaker, extra thermal layer, reflective vest, rain pants, a bag of milk, a loaf of bread, some veggies from the farmers market, an iPad. You get the idea.

Today was the day that I took out the new morphed Bad Boy touring bike with it’s new pannier system. It was a beautiful fall day and I rode to Oakville and back.

It worked out very well. The Bad Boy now has another personality that suites my needs.

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