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The Goodbye October Ride

Drew, Alex, Erick

On the last Sunday in October the weather was mild and nice. In the morning I had done a 20km solo ride to Oakville on my Bad Boy “touring” bike.

When I returned, I was invited on an afternoon ride down to the Credit River with Erick and his 8 year old son Alex. It was so nice outside that I decided a second ride was a good idea. Since Alex and I ride at about the same pace I had to accept.

I morphed my Bad Boy into a mountain bike. Erick’s family and other neighbours were outside enjoying the sunshine. We told them “We’ll see you in 45 minutes” as we peeled away and headed down to the River.

Alex has some pretty strong legs and can really tackle the climbs. We needed to stop a few times to adjust the velcro bands securing Alex’s pant leg. The cuff strap kept slipping. Alex’s legs are small and the velcro on the cuff straps couldn’t be wrapped tight enough.  After a few tries a little twist in the cuff strap did the trick.

Riding through the foliage on leaf covered trails was great. I really love this time of year.

Our neighbourhood bike trail.

Soon we left the paved trails and hit the dirt. We found that the trails were still a bit soft from the rain earlier in the week. We lost track of time as we enjoyed the leaves, the river and the sunshine. Before we knew it, we had made it to the 403 bridge. A quick time check made us realize that we were running a little late. We promptly turned back.

The bike path along the river was fairly busy with walkers. To avoid the pedestrian traffic we decided to come back on a side trail along the ridge. We thought we would save some time but a recent wind storm had knocked down several large trees across the trail. The obstacles required dismounting and lifting our bikes over the logs and branches. It was not a big deal and it added a little twist to our adventure.

When we had made it to the Burnhamthorpe bridge we decided to take the Burnhamthorpe Trail back to save time. We soon were back to find the group we had left earlier was still outside. They said “Hey you were only supposed to gone 45 minutes!”. Somehow our 45 minute ride turned into a 1:22:39 ride.

Time flies when you are having fun!

Ride data here.

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