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Lost my Brakes Today

I knew my brakes on my “Bad Boy” were wearing down. I tightened the rear brakes up as much as I could prior to my morning ride today. My “Bad Boy” has Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes. The “BB” stands for Ball Bearing.

As I started a descent it happened … no rear brakes. I was able to slow using the front brake. I know from experience that jamming the front brakes can result in a trip over the handlebars. So I took it easy and headed home.

I took the bike to the bike shop this afternoon and got new pads. Bike brake pads are sure a lot cheaper than car brakes. They were $20.

Avid BB5 Brake Pads

Upon inspection the used pads were worn down to the shoe. Nothing left. These were the original pads on my Bad Boy. I had no idea how long a set of pads should last. I had about 2,500 km on that pair.

I am in the habit of favouring my rear brakes. The pair we installed today are metallic. Paul, at the bike shop, explained that there are organic and metallic pad options. The metallic last longer but can be prone to squeal. We’ll see how these last.

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