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Bike Helmet Cover for Riding in the Rain

After a lot of experimenting, I’ve got my cold weather riding gear figured out. I’m also equipped to ride in nice weather … that’s easy.  But I’m still working on my gear for wet weather.

This time of year is the worst case scenario for wet weather riding.  Cold rain can turn a ride into an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience when the temperature is between 0 and 10 deg Celcius. I do not enjoy being wet and cold.

This past week I purchased a bike helmet cover from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) in Burlington, Ontario.

Secteur Helmut Cover

Secteur Bike Helmet Cover from MEC

This is the solution to keeping my head warm and dry when it rains. MEC had two choices of bike helmet cover designs. I chose this one because I thought the flap in the back would keep the rain off of my neck. The back flap can be removed with a zipper.

I tried it out this past Sunday while riding with a few of my friends. I had brought the helmet cover with me just in case it rained. About halfway through our ride it started raining hard. We stopped under some pine trees and I got out the helmet cover. It slipped over my helmet very easily. A draw cord secures it in place. It literally took just a few seconds. I strapped my helmet back on and we were off.

The result: The bike helmet cover passed the test. My head was warm and dry. I did not have any rain go down my neck. I am recommending this helmet cover for any wet riding. My only suggestion is that I wish the front bill was a little longer and a little stiffer. It was adequate but bigger would be better. Despite that, I’m very happy with this bike helmet cover. Riding in the rain just got a little more comfortable.

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