The 365 Cyclist

Cycling Year Round in Canada

Local Cycling Clubs

Midweek Cycling Club – Toronto

Oakville Cycling Club – If you are looking for a cycling club that offers a welcoming atmosphere, helpful advice, a sure fire way to get fit, and a wealth of riding routes close to your home, then you would enjoy the Oakville Cycling Club. The Oakville Cycling Club offers a friendly environment for recreational road riding, training, touring, and time trialing year round. We have male and female members who are interested in touring rides, brisk paced rides and medium paced road rides.

Toronto Bike Network – Toronto

Ontario RandonneursRandonneuring is a type of organized long distance bicycle riding, with rides typically covering between 200 and 1,200 kilometres (124–746 miles). A participant is known as a randonneur, and an event is a randonnée. The term brevet may be used interchangeably with randonnée, although strictly speaking, a brevet is one specific type of event.

Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club – The Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club (MBRC) is an incorporated, non-profit, member run organization located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The MBRC organizes regular weekend group rides, a special Learn to Race course, as well as other bicycling related and social activities. They are mainly a road riding club promoting bicycle group riding and road racing for recreation.

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