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Tommy Thompson 48k

Saturday Oct 23, 2010 – RRS Tommy Thompson 48k

Riders – Drew, Denise, Ange
Weather 9C sun cloud mix

We drove the bikes to Humber Bay West park. The Gardiner was closed for bridge work at Jamison but we took the Park Lawn exit which got us off the Gardiner right before the traffic started to back up.

We parked in the main parking lot. They had removed the pay parking machines and a sign said it was only pay parking through September.

We readied the bikes, got bundled up, and took to the bike path heading east towards Toronto. It was much less crowded than previous rides due to the weather and time of year. There were still bikers and walkers but they were scattered enough that we didn’t have to pay much attention to the pedestrian traffic.

The Lakeshore Road was bumper to bumper traffic as all traffic was being diverted off of the Gardiner.

We made our way through light traffic along Queen’s Quay and arrived at the entrance of Tommy Thompson park in about 40 minutes.

Drew and Ange at Tommy Thompson Park Entrance

While we stopped for a picture an old Italian guy pulled up and started talking to us. He said he had ridden 300,000 km in Italy and Canada. He told us his name and said to search youtube for him. Ange was talking to him in Italian. His name is Gino Celano.

Gino Celano - The 300,000 km Man

His You Tube video is here.

We were a bit ahead of pace so we decided to head over to the Beaches first.

I have never been to the beaches before. It was a pretty nice area. Ange had spent a lot of time in the Beaches area and he had some stories and insight. He mentioned that there are lot of woman in bikinis playing beach volleyball in the summer. Since I like volleyball we’ll be adding a Beaches destination to our touring next summer.

We turned around and headed back to Tommy Thompson Park. I noticed a sign this time that I had not noticed last time.

Evidently there must be a lot of snakes. We didn’t see any.

We rode out on the Leslie Street Spit until the road turned to gravel trails. There were several large groups of bird watchers on the road.

Leslie Street Spit Info

The view towards Toronto.

If you look closely in the photo above there are a couple of people paddling standing up on boards. Here is a close up.

Ange and Denise

We rode back the same way we had came. We seemed to hit a lot of lights as we passed back through Queen’s Quay.

The sun had come out and it was a very nice ride back. Denise and Ange set a brisk pace on the way back.  I took this picture while riding. I wasn’t sure if it would turn out but it came out surprisingly well. The tiny pink spec on the path is Denise and Ange ahead of me.

Lakeshore Bike Path

Denise and Ange slowed the pace and I caught back up. Before we knew it we were back at the car with another great ride behind us. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

Garmin data link here.

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2 thoughts on “Tommy Thompson 48k

  1. mnfmike on said:

    Cool ride! We met that old Italian guy in the early summer when we did that ride for the first time!

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