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Humber River 1/2 Century

Sunday Nov 28, 2010 – 0 degrees C

This is the pedestrian bridge at the mouth of the Humber River. The Humber River Trail goes underneath. This was the start of the ride for Ange and me. We had parked at the lot at Humber Bay West. When we arrived there were several people unloading some seriously large photographic equipment including giant tripods and some of the biggest lenses I’ve seen. I assume they were going to photograph birds or wildlife. We didn’t ask.

This is the course we followed.

We passed a large group of runners … probably a club. We also passed some random riders and walkers. Even though I had done this ride earlier in the year it looked different with the leaves gone. The homes on top of the ridges bordering the river that were concealed in the summer were now visible.

Mid way I had to stop and answer nature’s call. I went into the Weston Lions Arena to use the washroom. It was like stepping back in time.

It was an old fashioned rink with an elevated ice surface and a very low wooden ceiling.

Relieved … we continued on. At 25 km we stopped on a bridge for a short break before turning around and heading back down the river. There was snow on the bridges, some patches on the path and in the woods.

On the way back I stopped to take a picture of the fishermen near the bridge by the Old Mill on the River.

We made our way back down the River and to the car.

The Humber River Trail is all paved and a relatively flat ride. I really enjoyed this course.

Here is the link to the data.

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One thought on “Humber River 1/2 Century

  1. Sounds like a great ride. Sorry I missed it.

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