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Oakville Loop 50k

Sunday April 3, 2011

Ange, Scott, Denise and Drew - Oakville Loop 50k photo in Jack Darling Park

Sunny and 4C. I had mapped two route choices of 40km using Map my Ride. We decided to do the Southern route to Oakville, Lakeshore, Port Credit and back.

The group started out strong with Denise setting a brisk pace … better than planned. The roads were good and the traffic light as we headed to Neyagawa Blvd. The descent down Neyagawa Blvd was smooth and fast. We were riding just under 40 kph. When we reached Upper Middle we headed East toward Dorval Drive. We navigated some traffic as we continued down Dorval Drive to Lakeshore Road.

Downtown Oakville was bustling with traffic, walkers and bicycles. There were a lot of people out enjoying the mild temperatures and sunshine.

We continued East on Lakeshore Road to reach Southdown Road. The section of road near the refinery had a lot of dirt and dust. The road conditions had been better than I had expected with the exception of that small section.

We had only planned a 40km ride. When we reached Orr Road we originally planned to continue north up Southdown Road to Erin Mills Parkway.  However, we were ahead of pace, so it was decided to ride to Port Credit and take Mississauga Road home. That would add another 10km and turn our first ride into a 1/2 century. Everybody agreed and we turned right onto Orr Road to follow the Waterfront Trail to Jack Darling Park. At the park we stopped for a blog photo moment.

From there, we headed to Port Credit along Lakeshore Road and then turned North onto Mississauga Road.

We had held a decent pace so far but fatigue was setting in on Scott and me. Denise and Ange still had strong legs so the group split up with Denise and Ange cranking the pedals homeward. Scott and I slowed the pace a bit and enjoyed the scenery as we rode up Mississauga Road.

I was pretty tired when I got home. It was a great ride but I didn’t have much leg left. Denise was ready to go for a 10k run when she got back and she was serious. We took a little longer on the ride than planned so she decided to get a few things done. I took a nap.

The ride data is from my Garmin. Even with my pace slowing for the last 10 km we averaged 22.2 kph. Denise beat me home by about 10 minutes so I imagine she was averaging 24-25 kph. I’ve got some more training to do.

Ride data here.

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