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Damn Leaves

I was doing a solo night ride last night. It was a beautiful evening, about 10C and a little foggy with no wind. The Cygolites cut the fog nicely and it was serene. After about 30 minutes of riding I got a second wind and started to pickup the pace as I returned home.

The paved bike path was covered with leaves. As I made my way around a bend my front wheel dropped off the edge of the path. It was enough drop that I lost my balance. In a split second, which seemed to happen in slow motion as I felt myself going over, I took a hard spill. I was clipped in and hit hard … first my shoulder, then my head. I slid about 20 feet while I remained connected to the bike.

The good news is that my body protected the bike from any damage. The bad news is that my body took all the damage. I got up slowly, checked for blood and broken bones. Nothing serious, just scrapes and bruises.

That was my worst crash this year. But it was not bad enough to slow me down. I’ll get over being stiff and sore. I am already looking forward my next night ride!

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