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Garmin Fit app for Iphone is Good

I found this app for Iphone. It uses the GPS built into the iphone to gather data similar to the Garmin 305 watch that I have been using. It’s no secret that I am a fan of the Garmin 305.  It has been a component of my motivation to get out and exercise more often. I have become used to downloading data to the Garmin MyConnect website to explore the routes that I have taken. I like that the Garmin is an odometer of all of my rides. I can compare mileage month to month. It is also nice to compare rides at different times of year, or with different people or different levels of effort.

The Garmin Fit is $0.99. It is simple, intuitive and does the job. I set up the app with auto sign in to the MyConnect website. When an activity is done it magically uploads the result to join the rest of my data.

Today I took a walk on the trails and tested it out. As I approached my driveway I pressed END on the iphone to stop the application. I went inside, logged onto the myConnect website and the map and data was there. It’s too cool.

I discovered the app while doing research in preparation for my upcoming Toronto to Niagara Falls ride. I’m concerned that the battery on my Garmin 305 watch won’t last as long as the ride will take. Riding in the cold weather shortens battery life even further.

I think I’ll use this iphone app for the ride. I plan to carry a zap pack so I can keep re-juicing the iphone along the way.

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2 thoughts on “Garmin Fit app for Iphone is Good

  1. That sounds pretty cool! The auto-upload features sounds great! I use the Garmin 305 and on occasion upload to Garmin Connect. I hated the maps that came with the Garmin training software so I’ve been using SportTracks from zonefive software for mapping my rides (just not uploading them).

  2. Used it for running and glad to know it works well for cycling also. Thanks for the review!

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