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Caledon Trailway – 38 k (East)

Sunday Oct 17, 2010 – Caledon Trailway East

Riders – Mike R., Scott, Drew, Dario

We were joined by new member Dario Bettio on this ride.

Drew and Mike rode bikes to Scott’s house for 7:30AM depart. Dario met us there. We loaded one bike in Scott’s car and three bikes on the back.

We headed up the 410 to find the Eastern most point of our last ride so we could pick up and continue exploring the trailway.

Parked and started on the trail at this point.

We stopped along the way to check out a beaver damn. A great view from the bridge.

A photo moment at the Eastern end of the trail

Below is view of trail from East end. Looking under Hwy 9.

Caladon Trailway - View from East end of Trail Beginning

I took a couple of action shots.

Mike R on the Caledon Trailway

Scott B on Caledon Trailway

Dario on Caledon Trail

Caledon East Ride Data

Garmin Data Link

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2 thoughts on “Caledon Trailway – 38 k (East)

  1. mnfmike on said:

    Awesome ride! Great trail! Great company! We will have to do the whole trail in one shot some time …..

  2. bici91 on said:

    Nice pics!! Had a great time; look forward to ride again.

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