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Credit River Valley – 33km

Sunday Nov 7, 2010 Daylight Savings time changed today. Our 7:30AM departure didn’t feel so early since it would have been 8:30AM if the clocks hadn’t been set back overnight. Drew and Todd riding. Ange was intending to ride. He was up and ready to go. Unfortunately he had some serious equipment problems with his trail bike. He was unable to go. It was a brisk 2C but we were dressed for the occasion. We headed down to Erindale Park via the trails and had only been riding a few minutes when we suddenly came upon three deer right near the trail. I only saw them at the last second and we stopped immediately. I expected the deer to run as they normally are spooked by the bikes. These deer seemed quite indifferent to us. I pulled the camera out of my pocket and snapped a few pictures. They were really quite close to us. Probably less than 50 feet way. It was a nice ride. I was surprised to still see fishermen on the Credit River. I didn’t see anybody catching anything. We followed the River North.  I had not been North of Britannia Road. We went a bit further than that before we had to stop and turn back. I was on a time schedule to get back and take Andrew to hockey practice. We took a quick picture before turning back.

Drew and Todd

It was a pleasant ride back until 1:52 minutes into the ride. That’s when I ran out of rib roast from the previous evening’s dinner. I pretty much hit the wall and not much energy. At that point we weren’t very far from home.  The last 2 km was a nice cool down.

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